Islas Baleares. Timelapse In the Balearic Islands you will discover amazing nature, incredible beaches, culture, and gastronomy for everyone.

25 pensamientos en “Islas Baleares. Timelapse

  1. pablo mari lillo

    Ahora me entero gracias a ti que la ignorancia es un insulto. Muchas gracias por el? aporte, ya soy menos ignorante.

  2. Lorena Serrano Corbella

    la más pequeña y más salvaje de todas, el es archipiélago de Cabrera.?

  3. Lorena Serrano Corbella

    no es culpa del creador del vídeo, si no del presupuesto del que lo pagó. Tampoco aparece Cabrera, siendo ésta? Parque Marítimo Nacional Es muy fácil insultar sin conocer las circunstancias.

  4. davidsayli

    i am from germany and i dont like SPANISH people because you? are always lazy? and hungry. we dont want to give MONEY to you STUPID SPANISH PEOPLE..

  5. robaczek00

    estoy de acuerdo, falta Formentrera! la isla considerada como el último? paraíso del Mediterráneo, la mas pequena pero la mas salvaje de todas:)

  6. Debb Starr

    Great video. I loved Spain, especially Toledo. I’m? a musician and would love to return and do my second video over there. 🙂

  7. pablo mari lillo

    Y Formentera? Maravilloso ignorante el que haga un reportaje así de Baleares sin? la Isla Maravilla que es Formentera.

  8. MrMarks4

    I love Spain, not sure? about the time lapse film, gets a bit annoying x

  9. GermanMusic1

    I love Spain. Since I had the language in the school, a total of three years. The beautiful landscape, the culture, the? friendly people, the joy of life. This is Spain for me. Recently I’ve seen clips of Andalusia, I was surprised. This landscape with all its beautiful cities are probably among the most beautiful in Europe, simply impressive
    GREETINGS from Germany 🙂

  10. valsainking

    these time-lapse images are breathtaking and incredibly relaxing set to this magical music.. i hope rafa’s enjoying this paradise on earth as he gets ready for wimbledon.. vamos, rafa! get some? rest and keep on winning majors! 10 and counting!

  11. 52mindthegap

    Bellissimo questo video e posti meravigliosi. Ma sono fortunata anch’io…vivo? in Sardegna!
    Ho visto queste isole dall’aereo, pochi giorni fa.Ciao!!!!

  12. gonsuy

    a ver si entre todos le damos un boost al video! no me acordaba de? lo bonita que es nuestra tierra…

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